let’s talk stationery

Let’s Talk Stationery is an exclusive and

secure networking site for those in the stationery industry.

Who Are We?

A welcoming, warm, fun loving group who love to share stories, give honest reviews, make fun of nightmarish customers and support each other through tough times.

Discover Industry Secrets

Join and discover the world’s largest private stationery forum to discuss industry secrets, review suppliers confidentially. Oh! You can claim exclusive discounts as well.

Who Can Join?

If you are a stationery designer who wants to build up the stationery community as much as you want to learn industry secrets then Let’s Talk Stationery is for you.


paper-designI’ve been involved in message board communities before, but I’ve never run across a nicer, smarter group of people.
~ Pam Halfpap, Paper Pod Designs

printsIf you are in the stationery biz, you need to join LTS – you
have no idea what you are missing out on, from an amazing
knowledge base of the best of the best to a community filled
with others who share your passion!
Leeanna Brandt, Whimsical Prints