We weren't planning on Let's Talk Stationery closing down so fast.

However, because of tech progression over the years
several of Let's Talk Stationery features are now out of date.

On the day the forum was closed, we had a security breach and the forum
was exposed to the public.

Rather than delay and worry about exposure and liabilities, we shut the forum down immediately.

After trying to pass on the forum to more than a dozen candidates,
I've found that most decide not to move forward because of the liability and work involved
to get everything back up and running again.

I'll let you know if anything changes. But so far, in order to have the forum return, we need
1. A 'code writing' web programmer to make security fixes
2. A liability contract that transfers any liability to the new management after the transfer.
-That's to ensure the forum is locked up safely again for everyone!

If you feel you meet these requirements please contact Renae at mrstomcote@gmail.com
with the subject line I'll take care of LTS.:

If you paid for a subscription from March 30, 2015 - March 30, 2016, you are entitled to a full refund
as well. Rest assured I don't want you to pay for the problems of the forum and not being
able to access it. So forward your PayPal transaction id to my personal email (mrstomcote@gmail.com)
and I'll personally issue a full refund between those dates.